March 2019


On March 19, 2019 ASC participated in the interview review for the Superfund Sites; Industri-Plex and G&H Well site The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is in the process of completing the fifth Five-Year Review (FYR) of the Wells G&H Superfund Site in Woburn, Massachusetts. An important part of the FYR is information obtained from interviews with members of the community and other project stakeholders. TRC, EPA’s contractor for the Wells G&H Site.

June 2018

On June 14,2018 the EPA issued the  (final) Industri-plex OU-1 Explanation of Significant Difference (ESD), which permits residential use at the 120 Commerce Way (with conditions) and 200 Presidential Way properties: The ESD includes Attachment 2 - Responsiveness Summary, which includes ASC comments and EPA's responses (See ESD page 27 of 135).  A copy of the comments and responses can be found in the reports section of this website 

May 2018 

ASC issues comments to the proposed ESD  for the Industri-Plex OU1 site. A full text of these comments can be found on the reports section of this site.

EPA issues a draft ESD for the Industri-Plex OU-1,  with a 14 day comment period. A full text of the request can be down loaded from the reports section of this site.

September 2017

EPA Issues Record of Decision on the Southwest properties (Wells G&H Site)  

 A full text of the Record of decision can be downloaded from the reports section of this site

EPA Issues responses to ASC Comments to the proposed plan for the SWP of the G&H Well Superfund Site 

A full test of these responses can be down loaded from the reports section of this site.

EPA Issues Closeout Report for the Industri-plex Operable Unit Superfund Site

A full text of the Closeout Report can be downloaded from the reports section of this site.

August 2017

ASC Comments to the Proposed Plan for the SWP of the G&H Wells Superfund Sites            

Of primary importance with respect to the cleanup of the SWP are two questions. First, will the proposed plan work? And secondly will the result be a site safe for both current and anticipated future uses of the properties? 

A full text of ASC comments can be downloaded from the reports section of this site.

July 2017

EPA Issues a Cleanup Proposal for the SWP of the G&H Well Sites

The proposed plan is for the cleanup of soil, groundwater, non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL), and wetland sediment/soil contamination within the Southwest Properties (SWP) at the G&H Superfund Site. A full text of this report can be downloaded from the reports section of this site.

July 2017

Aberjona Nature Trail Opens

The Aberjona Nature Trail provides a place for passive recreation, education, and enjoyment of the outdoors.  This new Conservation Area contains a nature trail near a diverse wetland with many public benefits.  It offers a place for people to enjoy nature walking, bird watching, wildlife observation, photography, exercise, and reconnecting with nature The acquisition and development of the nature trail was made possible by the City of Woburn partnering with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and private companies.  The nature trail was created as part of a successful restoration project that included site cleanup, removal of construction debris, creation of flood storage areas, and the restoration of wildlife habitat enriched with native plantings.  The Aberjona Nature Trail is located on the left side of Rifle Range Road coming from Salem Street, Woburn, MA.

January 2017 

ASC Amends Technical Advisor Contract 

ASC exercised its option to extend the term of the Technical Advisor Contract with CDM Smith through May 31, 2020.

EPA Extends ASC TAG Grant Period of Performance

EPA has granted an extension of the TAG between EPA and ASC through May 31, 2020.